How to brand your team, simply

Is re-branding your team something you actually need to think about? If you are serious about raising your profile in a corporate environment, I would definitely consider it.

We have all heard of personal branding and really getting this right can take a lot of work. It’s the same for team branding but not many managers put targeted effort into it.

Should your next strategy be an old one?

If you stand back from reading about individual subjects or individual industries then your will spot a growing trend that is shaping the future.
Not emerging, but fully upon us is an inherent want to revive previous products and previous ways of doing things, sometimes in a new and updated way but sometimes in their original form.
Let's look at some examples and their drivers.

White Paper: Journey Mapping to improve Customer Experience

My White Paper, "Journey mapping to Improve Customer Experience" is now available to download free. 

If you are looking for a free resource to get you started in CJM then this is the place to start.

Visit my resources page on my main site to download it.

Voice of customer: Survey burnout

You go shopping and before you know where you are you are hit with multiple requests to complete a survey. Each one offers you something different, a free drink, entry into a draw or maybe a discount of your next purchase.

Treating colleagues as customers

It’s common place for companies to be 100% focused on their customers. We’re no exception and this continues to guide us in the right direction as we make our decisions. In the last 12 months, my team went through an important set of changes to take an already high-performing team to the next level as we started to concentrate on our internal customers as much as we do external ones.

Define your product to excel

If you treat colleagues with the same consideration as customers, you have to cater to their needs. It’s important to define what your colleagues, your internal customers, need and want, and then to base your offering on that; it’s the same approach as when designing a product or service for market.

For example, within my team, we have a function that builds bespoke reports for our business.
Outside of the usual reporting of sales, we combine lots of streams of data and publish them as one to give our internal customers informed positions upon which to base their decisions.

Six free small business resources worth knowing about

If your setting yourself up in business then what you need are free resources. Lucky the internet is here to give you more than you could possibly want, so which ones are good ones?
Here are six free sites that we’ve tried and tested…

Quick file
The free version of quick file gives you loads of functionality. It’s quick, simple and will give you great control and visibility over your finances.

Walk a Mile in His Moccasins

Often upheld as a key quote within the Customer Experience industry, Walk a Mile in His Moccasins boils down to putting yourself in the shoes of your customer to test out your product or service.

Attracting and keeping Millennials – Free report

Generation Y’s, or Millennials, have a clear set of demands of their employers. And by 2025 it is estimated that GenY’s will make up 75% of the global workforce. With that in mind it is vital that businesses are thinking about what will attract and keep GenY employees now.

We published a short survey and the results cross multiple industries and countries.  Visit my Resources page on my main site to download the report.