The Experiential High Street

What is your Experiential Relevance?

With the demise of the traditional high Street now well documented, there hasn't so far been anything that has been hailed as something that will save it or return it to its former glory.

Simple, free sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is so over the place now a days, often built into the background of systems to give companies a street on how you feel about them. It's a cleaver piece of technology can also come with a high cost.

Choosing the right Voice of Customer supplier

Customer Experience management is now well embedded in most industries and there are of course direct correlations between customer satisfaction and increased business and colleague engagement.

Listening is the key to the core of customer experience management and vitally important to have the right mechanisms in place to listen effectively. 

Should your next strategy be an old one?

If you stand back from reading about individual subjects or individual industries then your will spot a growing trend that is shaping the future.
Not emerging, but fully upon us is an inherent want to revive previous products and previous ways of doing things, sometimes in a new and updated way but sometimes in their original form.
Let's look at some examples and their drivers.

How to brand your team, simply

Is re-branding your team something you actually need to think about? If you are serious about raising your profile in a corporate environment, I would definitely consider it.

We have all heard of personal branding and really getting this right can take a lot of work. It’s the same for team branding but not many managers put targeted effort into it.